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Who would expect to come?
The Chamber Music Summer School is for adult string players who come as a preformed quartet, quintet or sextet. People may be of ages from 18 to 80+, but all can enjoy the summer school. If single players apply we may be able to help them join a compatible group but generally we will give preference to pre-formed ensembles. For the 2024 summer school we will not be supporting groups with pianos. We are unable to offer places to non-players. A limited amount of financial assistance can be made available for young musicians with career aspirations in chamber music.

What about Covid?
The CMSS Buller committee reserves the right to cancel or alter the programme or prematurely conclude the camp if there is an escalation of general transmission or specific camp-related such risks associated with the Covid pandemic.

Participants are requested to perform a RAT in the 24 hours prior to attending, and to bring some RATs to do during the course in the event of development of symptoms and/or exposure status.

The committee recommends that participants consider obtaining travel insurance to cover costs associated with eventualities such as cancellation or participant Covid infection.

In the event that a participant were to test positive during the camp, they would be required to leave the camp.  We would ask each individual to be responsible for the practicalities of how this may be achieved.

In the event of individual cancellation or early departure, the committee cannot undertake to refund fees for participants. However, depending on circumstances, a partial refund may be available for participants.

What standards are involved?
The most important requirement is at least some degree of experience, that is an ability to sight-read some works comfortably, together with a love of playing chamber music. We happily support a wide range of capabilities, for example from amateurs starting to explore the repertoire to established young professional groups who are already pursuing a performing career.

Mount Buller is a long way from Melbourne. How can I get there?
There is no summertime public transport to the mountain itself. Consequently, most people will either drive or arrange to go with friends who are driving. Public transport is available as far as Mansfield – see The organising committee will assist with car pooling to optimise the use of car space and may hire a bus if car spaces are limited.

How to contact us.
Our mailing address is:
Chamber Music Summer School
273 The Boulevard
East Ivanhoe VIC 3079

or you can speak to members of the organising committee:
Jean McMullin 0414 474 784
Edwina Kayser 0419 202 182
Jim Vizard (03) 9592 8941