Mount Buller

Mount Buller is a ski resort, 300 km from Melbourne, and situated 48km east of Mansfield in the Alps of north-eastern Victoria, Australia. Although hectic and crowded during winter it sleeps through the summer as an almost-deserted mountain village which is gifted with a cool temperate climate and stunning alpine scenery. Since 1985 it has been home to the Chamber Music Summer School, Mount Buller, set up by people who loved playing chamber music and wished to do this while also enjoying expert professional tuition and idyllic surroundings.


The existence of the summer school was once described as being based on a maxim ‘why put up with something marvellous when with a little more effort you can make it perfect’! Whatever the cause, the summer school is characteristically rich in musical experiences and expert tuition, including fine staff concerts in ideal surroundings and with workshops, lectures and talks. Students enjoy working hard and taking part each day in relaxed and non-competitive performance sessions. Fine cuisine and the agreeable and informal company of other students and tutors generate a rewarding social experience. As tutors, many of the finest teachers and performers in Australia have been happy to return regularly to enjoy taking part in the summer school.


Mt Buller is of course in a forested alpine area and has a degree of exposure to risk of summer bushfires. We acknowledge an overriding need for safety of people and their possessions and will observe stringent precautions to avoid or minimise fire danger. In an unlikely event of summer school abandonment due to emerging risk we will as far as possible refund fees paid by students.